Arcade Control Console

I bought the arcade cabinet on e-bay from a local seller.  It was quite interesting transporting this cabinet and a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet in a ford ranger. The idea behind getting this cabinet was to transform it into a Mame arcade Machine.  The issue was that the control panel was setup originally for Robotron then drilled for bloxeed and I needed more buttons to be able to play a large range of games on this machine.  That left me with two options… One option was to remove the artwork and glue from the control panel and fill all of the holes with bondo, sand, paint, and drill my new button layout. Or option two just build a new control panel which I felt would look nicer and be easier. The control console is built for poplar with a padauk inlay to cover up a mistake I made. I will try to post some update on the progress of this project as soon as I have time to work on it again.

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