Zelle Service Agreement

The provisions of this section apply only to electronic transfers (EFTs) that weigh or credit a consumer`s control, savings or other heritage accounts and are subject to Regulation E, which is implemented by the Federal Electronic Money Transfer Act. You will not find the terms and conditions that apply to efts that incriminate or credit a brokerage account in your brokerage account contract. The cell makes the security and protection of your data a top priority. You can access the cell`s privacy policy under zellepay.com/privacy-policy, which has been incorporated into the privacy policy by this reference and is part of this service agreement. Transfers are governed by the rules of all transfer systems by which transfers are made during the amended period, including, but not limited to, the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”) or real-time payment services (“RTP”). Print the entire current agreement (PDF) with expanded tabs. As a customer of a network financial institution, the limit of the amount you can send to another user if you use the service is subject to the terms of your account contract with your financial institution. You understand and accept that your financial institution sets the limit of the amount you can send when you use the service in the Cell mobile app. This limit may differ from the limits that apply to you if you use the service via your financial institution`s mobile app or website, and may be adapted from time to time. If your transfer exceeds a limit, you will be notified of the authorized amount you can transfer on that date. All other transmission messages are sent from 93557. To cancel messages sent by 93557, send STOP to 93557. If you send STOP to 93557, you will no longer receive any further Wells Fargo online messages from this number, including messages for other services you may have logined to, including.

B balance alerts. The registration and use of cell services are subject to the terms and conditions of the cell users` service agreement, in modified form from time to time. B. Your use of the service is subject at all times to the terms of this service agreement. The transfer of money you send or receive via the use of the Service is also subject to the terms of your account agreement with your financial institution. The cell does not charge a fee for your use of the service to complete transfers between you and Network`s financial institutions. However, the cell reserves the right to collect a fee in the future for all current services, and The Cell may develop new uses or other services for users, and a fee may be charged for these other uses or services. You will be notified in advance of all costs covered in Section 2. If necessary, royalties are posted before any use of the services. Please note that the cell does not assume responsibility for the fees that your financial institution or mobile operator may charge you in connection with your cell transactions. There is no service charge for the use of the Bill Pay Service.